Benefits of using Propecia from the early stages of hair loss

Propecia is the drug approved for the treatment and prevention of hair loss in men. Its active component is Finasteride in the dosage of 1 mg for oral use only.

Propecia is available from the local pharmacies with prescription and from online stores often without prescription and at lower prices. Usually online consultation is needed to determine if a patient is suitable for the treatment with Propecia. The treatment is adjusted depending on medical profile and diagnosis.

Propecia is taken once a day by men with male pattern hair loss. This is a hereditary condition affecting the hair follicles and characterized by slow and gradual loss of hair on the front and side parts of the scalp.

The condition is associated with the process of transformation of testosterone in the human body and particularly in the follicles on the scalp into dihydrotestesterone, a hormone inhibiting normal hair growth.

Propecia helps in preventing the formation of dihydrotestosterone and thus stops the hair loss, prevents it and helps regrow new hair on the affected areas of the scalp.

Still if a man experiences male pattern hair loss during a significant part of his life, for instance, during 10-15 or more years, the treatment becomes less effective.

Propecia appears to work better in men who only start experiencing thinning and d not hesitate waiting until it becomes advanced and their scalp becomes completely bald.

The hair experts recommend using Propecia as soon as the first signs of male pattern baldness occur. Propecia’s effects are confined within areas of the head where the thinning happens and the hair is still present. The scalp areas without hair are less prone to effects of Propecia and on such areas the regrowth of hair is rare. This can be explained by the fact that with time the hair follicles on such areas become unable to produce hair and even taking Propecia won’t bring any effect to such areas of the scalp.

Propecia induces regrowth of thinning hair and its major advantage is its potential to slow or stop male pattern hair loss. The beneficial treatment results are generally better in men who start using Propecia as soon as the first signs of baldness appear.

Men who start taking Propecia early are significantly better than in those who delay the treatment. Coping with hair loss early with Propecia is much better than waiting.

It is essential to take Propecia for baldness long term. Propecia stops the thinning and hair fall, but it does not produce complete cure for the male pattern hair loss. So, a person should take it during several months until he sees the results and then continue taking it to maintain the results of the treatment. The resumption of hair loss occurs when the medicine is stopped and the hair follicles on the head get influenced by dihydrotestosterone again.

If you are determined to take Propecia as a long term treatment and you are approved by your doctor for doing it, then you should remember taking it regularly each day. The use of the medicine is convenient – take one dose each day with water.

The process of hair regrowth takes time. It commonly takes up to 3 months to notice a difference after taking Propecia every day. Try to be patient and you will be rewarded with thickening of hair, having strong and dense hair on your head.

Tests for Hair Loss

Hair loss in people is actually a normal process. It is a part of the hair growth and development. Actually the loss of 100 hairs per day is absolutely normal. The other way to see on the loss of the hair become obvious when the hair falls in greater numbers and it really worries a person.

The individuality and appearance of a person is the main reason for most people to seek help when the hair starts receding. The baldness is not a taboo, but, as a matter of fact, causes various embarrassing moments for a person whose hair recedes.

Appearance really matters for most of us. The reduced attractiveness makes a person suffer and even get depressed, can impair relationships.

To clear the cause of the hair loss is not a simple thing to do. Only a professional can identify the actual reason behind hair fall.

So, the doctor’s examination and advice are absolutely necessary.

Medical history and physical examination help find the root cause of hair loss problem.In most cases there is a need for a specialist in hair loss which can be a dermatologist or trichologist.

The specialist will examine the state of your scalp, make certain visual estimation of your condition, and adjust tests. It is important to identify the pattern of hair loss on your scalp. Additionally a doctor will ask questions on your personal hair loss story and/or the story of hair loss in your family.

Male pattern hair loss is a particular matter to discuss with your doctor.

Hair loss caused by heredity problems is diagnosed without difficulty. In such situation, the person starts losing hair from the forehead and crown. This is generally the hair loss pattern in men.

Hair loss history in your family provides more information for your doctor. So, do not hesitate to tell your doctor if someone in your family have suffered or suffers from hair loss.

The questions, which you may be asked at your doctor’s, include:

What type of hair loss do you experience and how long has it been going on?

Is it accompanied by skin itching or other allergic reactions?

Are you having heavy hair shedding?

Is there any family history for this problem? Do your relatives suffer from hair loss issue? What is the reason behind their hair loss?

How often do you wash, or style the hair?

Have you undergone any hair treatment recently or previously?

Do you connect your hair loss problem with the use of any medication?

Have you undergone chemotherapy sessions for cancer treatment?

Do you keep to the diet or suffer from imbalanced diet results?

The diagnostic tests available for hair loss factors identification include the following:

Hair analysis done under microscope;

Hair analysis done to count the number of microelements in your hair and their deficit;

Blood tests to check the problems such as hyperthyroidism or hypothyroidism.

With the information about your general health your doctor may put the right diagnosis and adjust the proper treatment.

You have to wait until the first results with Propecia treatment appear

Today the treatments for hair baldness vary from tablets, sprays, creams, transplants and other methods of regrowing and restoring hair.

Some of the methods are expensive, others inconvenient or demanding long period of time before you can actually see the results.

Men, who have the problem with hair, should have a consultation with trichologist and dermatologist or other specialists if necessary. The treatment adjusted for male pattern baldness usually involves using the pills to stop the actions of DHT (the form of testosterone which affects the hair follicles on the head).

One of the brands commonly used for male pattern baldness is Propecia. This medicine contains a prescription drug called finasteride, an effective remedy for male pattern baldness, the most common type of hair loss in men.

The hair follicles on particular parts of the scalp are more sensitive to DHT and in these areas the hair gets thinner, the hair follicles shrink and finally cease the production of new hair.

Propecia blocks the ill actions of DHT, and stops the process of hair loss. Approximately 90 per cent of all men with male pattern hair baldness respond well to the therapy with Finasteride and report significant improvement of their condition which comes in form of absolute stop in hair fall, gradual growth of new hair.

The medicine is not fast-acting. It involves the growth of hair which is slow and to see the effect of Propecia most men have to use it for about 1 year or even more.

Increase in hair growth with Propecia treatment was estimated in different groups of men with various severity of male pattern baldness. In all the groups the hair growth was observed in about 90 per cent of all men. The continued hair loss was observed in 10 per cent of men who were treated with Propecia.

The success of the treatment with Propecia is definitely dependable on the duration of the treatment. The fact is – men, who continued the treatment, had better treatment results particularly increase in mass of hair, stop in loss of hair.

No one should expect the immediate effects of taking Propecia. This is a long-term treatment which demands taking the medicine regularly each day of the treatment during a long period of time.

The standard dosage of the medicine is 1 mg per day which should be taken not less than 3-4 months to see the first results. Some men need longer period of time before they can observe the first noticeable results of the therapy.

During the first two or three months a person may experience additional hair shedding which is normal and is a natural process of hair growth stages.

Finasteride drug interactions

Finasteride is the generic medicine most commonly known under the brand medicine Propecia, which is applied to prevent baldness and facilitate the growing and increase of new hair in men who are diagnosed with male pattern baldness.finasteride Finasteride belongs to the type of medicines called steroid reductase inhibitors.

They reduce the level of the hormone dihydrotestosterone (DHT) in a male’s body. Propecia is prescribed to treat male pattern hair loss or androgenetic alopecia at the crown and in the middle of the scalp.

The other purpose of Finasteride use is to treat the symptoms of benign prostatic hyperplasia in men. If you are prescribed to use this medicine, it is essential to talk to your doctor about the interactions possible with it. The interactions may happen with alcohol, other medicines and foods. finasteride medicineYour doctor can identify if any drug interactions can occur.

So, before using Finasteride check for any possible interactions. Though, there was no evidence of any drug interactions between Finasteride and other medications, the following medicines may increase the risk of Finasteride side effects: • Warfarin (Jantoven, Coumadin) • Antipyrine and benzocaine otic (A/B Otic, Aurodex, Rx-Otic) • Digoxin (Lanoxin) • Propranolol (Inderal) • Theophylline (Theolair, Theo-24, Uniphyl, Elixophyllin, Elixophylline, Quibron-T) It is absolutely necessary to inform your doctor about all medicines you are taking.

Finasteride is a life-long medicine, so you may need to consult your doctor more often especially if you are prescribed other medicines.

Alcohol does not affect the actions of Finasteride. Still its overuse can result in liver problems. As Finasteride is metabolized by the liver, the consumption of alcohol should be limited.

Besides, patients with liver disorders should be watchful for any deterioration of their health state while using Finasteride and in case of any side effect development, stop using this drug.

Buying Propecia online

proPropecia is a prescription medication which can be bought in a local pharmacy in your town. The price of this medication is rather high and the treatment is expensive as the medication should be used regularly for a long period of time. So many men cannot afford the treatment with Propecia due to its high price.
Reliable online pharmacies offer this medication at lower price without prescription. So men can do without regular visits to a doctor to have a prescription refilled. prop
Online pharmacies may be located anywhere in the world, they usually sell generic medications which are the copies of the brands. The generic equivalent of the brand Propecia is exactly the same product but sold at a fraction the price of the brand medication.
Ordering generic medications online saves your money as you get the medication of the same quality, but at a lower price. Even if the cost of shipping is added to the price of the medication, it remains still more cost-saving than buying it from the local shop.
propeBefore ordering the medicine for hair loss treatment, visit your doctor to make sure that it is right and safe for you. Some medicines may produce interactions with other drugs, so you should know all the information about the medicine you are going to use, especially if you are taking other meds.
Propecia may produce side effects. In some men it does not cause any side effects, in others Propecia treatment can result in rather unpleasant negative effects. Prior to the treatment, learn about Propecia negative effects. Consider the benefits and harms which the medicine may produce.

Can a Specialist of health Help?


When it comes to talking about hair loss, a health care provider is patient’s best option:

A specialist can help patient separate fact from fiction regarding hair-loss products.
A specialist knows what may work specifically for you, what treatments are available, what may work for MPHL patients.
A specialist is the person best equipped to listen and answer to patient’s questions.

Because we recommend to  make an appointment today—because hair loss gets worse with time.

Propecia possible adverse reactions

Every man who starts using Propecia to regrow the hair should get informed about the side effects. Ask your doctor about possibility of side effects occurrence and what to do in case any of the side effects develop.

Propecia may cause mild to moderate side effects in some men. These side effects happen rarely and should be discussed with your doctor. They may include:

  • abnormal ejaculation;
  • swelling in hands or feet;
  • swelling or tenderness in breasts;
  • dizziness, weakness;
  • headache;
  • runny nose;
  • skin rash.

In some small groups of patients (less than 2 %) this medication may cause sexual problems such as impotence, loss of interest in sex, or trouble having an orgasm.

Propecia may rarely cause allergic reactions. If you know that you may be allergic to any component in Propecia, never take it. Allergic reactions may have serious consequences for your health.

Propecia may increase the chance of men for male breast cancer. If any changes happen to your breasts call your doctor right away.

How to take Propecia properly?

To get the most benefit from Propecia treatment, take the medication regularly exactly as ordered by your doctor. Take the dose of 1 mg tablet each day of the treatment. Do not stop the treatment or skip your doses.

Propecia should be taken with a full glass of water, with or without food. Try to take the medicine same time each day.

Some men need to take Propecia for more than three months before they can see a result. Propecia action depends on the long term time of treatment. If you discontinue the treatment the hair loss will increase again. If Propecia has no effect for a patient in twelve months, it is recommended to stop the treatment. While being treated with Propecia it is necessary to make blood tests regularly. Sometimes doctors also adjust prostate specific antigen (PSA) test to check for prostate cancer.

Propecia medication should be kept at room temperature away from moisture, heat, and light. Do not give your medication to other people. Keep away from children and pets.

Propecia for men who do want to fight hair loss

Losing hair is very disappointing and even stressful for most men. People around you can jape the way you look like. Most men think that a bald head is unattractive and gets a real problem in personal and social life. For some men their appearance prevents advances in career, some experience hardship in relationships. But it all can be easily fixed if a man with male pattern hair loss (MPHL) seeks effective treatment and acquires magnificent hair. Approved effective and safe treatment for male pattern baldness is Propecia, a medication that makes wonders.

Propecia is easy to buy online and is a cheap method of treatment for MPHL. Of course, Propecia has certain side effects but they happen rarely and in small number of people.

Propecia is generally well tolerated and is highly effective in most men. Men taking this medication are happy to get back the appearance they used to.

Before taking Propecia see your doctor, because the treatment with this drug may be very long. Make sure that your health condition allows you take this drug safely.

Before taking Propecia

Propecia is indicated to be used by adult male patients. To be sure that this medication will not cause any harm to your health, visit your doctor before using it. It is important to inform your doctor about other health conditions you may have, especially about enlarged prostate or prostate cancer.

Other conditions you should report to your doctor include:

  • liver insufficiency;
  • kidney disease;
  • a bladder muscle disorder;
  • urethra stricture;
  • problems with urination;
  • allergic reactions to any drugs, foods and chemical substances.

Your doctor may ask you to undergo special tests to evaluate prostate function.  Propecia treatment may enlarge the chance of prostate cancer in men. Follow all your doctor’s prescriptions and advise.